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Ver 5.00 (2020) TMS320C6746 based system – Phase II Development Base (Specifications)
Processor: TMS320C6746 (Specifications)
Codec: TLV320AIC3254 Programmable:16/20/24/32-Bit, 8-96 kHz Stereo Codec (Specifications)
Communications: USB, BlueTooth & Ethernet
Boothing Options: Applications can be loaded from control device (PC or Table) or from internal FLASH memory
Sampling Rate: programmable rates up to 96kHz
Internal RAM: 256KB
External RAM: 4MB
FLASH: 4 GB for storage of applications and data.
System Size: 190 mm x 90 mm x 30 mm
Battery: ICR18650 Li-Ion 2 X 3.7 V 2600 mAh
Est.Battery Life: 10 hrs.

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